Medical Evidence of Alpine Natural Resources as a Base for Health Tourism

Christina Pichler , Arnulf J. Hartl , Renate Weisböck-Erdheim, and Michael Bischof


The Alpine space disposes of excellent prerequisites to respond to the increasing demand of nature-based health tourism. Despite a growing scientific knowledge on the manifold benefits of human interaction with Alpine natural resources, the health tourism potential has not yet been fully exploited by Alpine regions. Based on major push and pull factors, the current state of scientific knowledge on the healing potential of nine selected natural Alpine resources is presented and discussed with regard to their health tourism potential. Major research gaps as well as starting points for future studies are demonstrated. In this way, the present work contributes to an applicable knowledge base on the health benefits of Alpine
resources to enhance regional innovation capacity in terms of sustainable health tourism development. As tourism regions are increasingly taking evidence-based approaches to health tourism and regional development, the resulting lighthouses will contribute to the positioning of the Alpine space as globally attractive healing environment.

Keywords: Alpine natural resources · Nature-based tourism · Evidence-based health tourism · Sustainable regional development · Alpine healing potential · Healing environment

To cite this article: Pichler, C., Hartl, A. J., Weisböck-Erdheim, R., & Bischof, M. (2022). Medical evidence of Alpine natural resources as a base for health tourism. In Digital and Strategic Innovation for Alpine Health Tourism: Natural Resources, Digital Tools and Innovation Practices from HEALPS 2 Project (pp. 1-30). Cham: Springer International Publishing.

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