Directions and Prospects for the Development of Health Resort Tourism in Poland

Andrzej Soroka  University of Siedlce

Agnieszka Godlewska  University of Siedlce


Background: The objective of the study was to evaluate the current level of the functioning of health resort tourism, and identify factors which exert the greatest influence on this type of tourism. The authors attempted to determine the tasks and directions of the development of health resort tourism, and define factors which may have the greatest positive impact on the standards they provide.

Materials and methods. Of the 258 health resorts, 154 establishments were selected for research purposes taking into account a proportional distribution of health resorts throughout Poland. An authorial questionnaire was developed and it included five questions with multiple answers, each answer being assessed on a 5-point Likert scale.

Results. Younger people expect a high standard of holiday resort infrastructure and better conditions for disabled people. The older the respondents are, the more likely they are to seek diverse forms of active relaxation which affect the physical and mental condition as well as regeneration of the body.

Conclusions. The awareness of the Polish society that healthy lifestyle is a necessity is increasing and is related to the age of treatment-seekers, their state of health and needs, which confirms the validity of the study reported here. The segmentation of customer profile obtained in the study reported here and individual monitoring ought to be systematic as this is the only way to evaluate the functioning, level and needs of visitors, and strengthen the potential of health resorts.

Keywords: Health resort clientele health rehabilitation services health resort sustainable tourism

Cite: Andrzej Soroka, Agnieszka Godlewska. Directions and prospects for the development of health resort tourism in Poland, 24 March 2024, PREPRINT (Version 1) available at Research Square []

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