Research on Forest-Based Wellness Tourısm Busıness Model Based on Industrıal Integratıon

Han Kawen, Chen Fengxian, Liu Wenyuan, Saidi Nasir


With the improvement of people’s living standards and the growing awareness of health, forest-based wellness tourism, as a new form of tourism that integrates natural landscapes, leisure fitness, and health management, has gradually gained attention. This study, based on industrial integration, explores the business model of forest-based wellness tourism. The research uses a literature review method, first analyzing the current development and trends of forest-based wellness tourism, and then discussing the role of industrial integration in forest-based wellness tourism. Next, this study proposes an optimization analysis of the forest-based wellness tourism business model based on industrial integration, including aspects such as resource integration, service innovation, and marketing strategies. The research finds that industrial integration can promote the diversified development of forest-based wellness tourism, enhance the tourism experience and health benefits, and drive the sustainable development of the entire industry. However, the success of the business model still needs to consider the influence of factors such as government policies, market demand, and environmental protection. Future research can further deepen the innovation of the business model, improve the relevant policy system, and promote the healthy development of the forest-based wellness tourism industry.

Keywords: Forest-Based Wellness Tourism, Industrial Integration, Business Model, Sustainable Development, Tourism Experience

Cite: Kawen, H., Fengxian, C., Wenyuan, L., & Nasir, S. (2024). RESEARCH ON FOREST-BASED WELLNESS TOURISM BUSINESS MODEL BASED ON INDUSTRIAL INTEGRATION. Journal of Hospitality and Networks1(1), 12-25.

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