Influence of Bio-Climatic Conditions of Mount Zlatibor on Health Tourism

Goran Stojićević University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, Department of Geography, Tourism and Hotel Management, Novi Sad, Serbia

Sunčica Ivanović College of Applied Health Sciences in Ćuprija, Department of Medical Studies, Ćuprija, Serbia


Introduction: Bioclimatic conditions are of great importance for all forms of tourism, especially for health tourism, as they should encompass therapeutic and prophylactic characteristics. Over the last three decades, tourism in Zlatibor has been continuously growing in terms of tourist numbers and the development of tourist infrastructure. This paper presents the bioclimatic and climatic conditions on Mount Zlatibor from the perspective of their impact on tourism. More precisely, it examines their influence on tourist movements on this mountain and their significance for the development of health tourism. Materials and Methods: Research data were obtained through the analysis of temperature, air pressure, humidity, insolation, and precipitation levels. Based on these data, physiological equivalent temperature (PET) values and the universal thermal climate index (UTCI) were calculated. Results: The obtained results of bioclimatic indices (PET and UTCI) indicate potential stress due to extreme cold in the mornings and evenings from late October to the second decade of March. Pleasant warmth prevails during the summer months in the mornings and evenings. In terms of health, the climate of Zlatibor is suitable for maintaining health, as well as for treating various lung diseases, anemia, heart and blood vessel disorders, especially thyroid disorders. Bioclimatic conditions closely correlate with tourist movements on Zlatibor, as evidenced by climate data and the results obtained from PET and UTCI calculations. Conclusion: Comparing tourist numbers over a five-year period reveals that bioclimatic conditions significantly influence Zlatibor’s peak tourist season, which occurs during the summer months. This period offers the most favorable bioclimatic conditions, attracting the highest number of visitors to the mountain, especially those seeking health and recreational activities.

Keywords: Zlatibor, bioclimatic conditions, health, tourism

Cite This Paper: Stojićević, G., & Ivanović, S. (2024). INFLUENCE OF BIO-CLIMATIC CONDITIONS OF MOUNT ZLATIBOR ON HEALTH TOURISM . Pravo – Teorija I Praksa41(1), 45–56.

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