Estimating The Geotourism Capabilities of The Hot Springs of East Azarbaijan Province for The Development of Health Tourism

Masoumeh Rajabi   1 Fatemeh Rangraz Forough 2

1 Professor in Geomorphology, Faculty of Planning and Environmental Sciences, University of Tabriz , Tabriz, Iran

2 Geotourism Masters student in Department of Geomorphology, Faculty of Planning and Environmental Sciences, Tabriz University, Tabriz, Iran


There are various types of tourism depending on the motivation for travel, one of which is health tourism. Health tourism has grown significantly in recent years due to the spread of machine life and psychological pressures. This type of tourism includes individuals and groups who travel for medical treatment, such as using mineral and warm waters, spending time in recovery, and so on. As one of the natural resources, hot springs are a part of health tourism that are used to treat various medical conditions. The current research focuses on the hot springs of East Azerbaijan province. The study is descriptive-analytical in terms of methodology and applied in terms of purpose. Due to its geographical location, climatic features, and geological and tectonic conditions, East Azerbaijan province is considered one of the important centers of hot springs, which are concentrated around Sahand mountain and Bozgoush mountain range in the northeast of Kalibar. This research uses the Comanescu method, library research, Internet-based surveys, documentary studies, and surveys of 20 experts from the Regional Water Organization and the Provincial Tourism Department, Motalleq Hot Springs, Bostan Abad, Asbforoushan, Allah. Haq, Isti Su Liqvan, Yel Sui, Top Tapan, and Dash Alti were selected and evaluated. The results revealed that the Motalleq Hot Spring, with a total score of 86, has the highest score among the eight selected springs. The Asbforoushan hot spring comes in second with 84 points, the Yel Sui hot spring comes in third with 82 points.

Keywords: Health Tourism Geotourism Hot Spring Comanescu.East Azarbaijan province

Cite: Rajabi, M., & Rangraz Forough, F. (2024). Estimating The Geotourism Capabilities Of The Hot Springs Of East Azarbaijan Province For The Development Of Health Tourism. Hydrogeomorphology, (), -. doi: 10.22034/hyd.2024.60075.1722

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